The patient’s voice is our guide and our teams are driven by personal stories and a desire to make a difference.

Every patient is important and we are committed to putting patients and their needs at the center of our services. These include:

Patient Engagement Services

Ergomed’s Patient Engagement Officer is a respected patient advocate with a unique patient-focused approach as well as strong relationships with local, national, and international patient organizations. With more than 10 years of experience in rare diseases, our PEO is certified by EUPATI (European Patient’s Academy on Therapeutic Innovation). Our teams leverage the knowledge and expertise of our Patient Engagement Officer to ensure our strategy for each rare disease is right for patients and takes into account the specific nature of the disease.

Patient Concierge Services

Participating in a clinical trial often requires site visits. Our personalized patient concierge service supports these visits with everything from arranging travel and accommodation to a more fully comprehensive approach. We offer support via telephone, email or easy-to-use applications for smartphones or PCs. Whatever the level of service or technology involved, our goal is to understand patients’ requirements and make sure that every patient feels supported and cared for during the study.

Homecare Services

Visits to patients’ homes can help make participation in a clinical study much easier for patients. Our experienced nurses and technicians can perform study visits in the patient’s home as well as procedures such as measuring vital signs, collection of blood samples, ECGs, and drug and patient safety monitoring.

Cross-Border Support

Especially important in rare diseases where patient numbers are small, clinical trials may require patients to cross borders. We offer cross-border enrollment and logistics, through partnerships with patient organizations and physician networks, as well as support for insurance coverage, translations of study documents, regulatory and ethics approvals, the release of patient’s medical records and legal documents, visa arrangements, travel accommodation arrangements, interpreters, and more.

Patient Reimbursement

The well-organized and timely reimbursement of travel expenses is important for patients. Our site management team regularly monitors and contacts study centers through the local study site coordinator to ensure that reimbursement of all approved costs to patients is done in a timely and efficient way.

Travel Support

Traveling to a study site is an integral part of participating in clinical research, and worry about travel arrangements can deter some patients from enrolling. Our team provides patients with a tailor-made solution that takes care of all their travel needs. Our greatest wish is for patients to feel safe and to know that they are fully supported 24/7.


The Voice of the Patient

Talks with Ergomed Podcast Series

The term “patient centricity” is very present in the pharmaceutical industry and clinical research alike. All companies insist on a patient-focused approach but have varying viewpoints. The goal of this podcast series, “The Voice of the Patient”, is to share these viewpoints from the perspectives of all stakeholders involved in the clinical trial process, especially involving rare diseases.  Join our host Bojana Mirosavljevic, Ergomed Patient Engagement Officer, as she asks the industry one seemingly simple question; “What does patient centricity mean to you?”.