Providing guidance and support throughout the lifecycle to deliver the highest quality data.

Ergomed offers a wide variety of global medical affairs services tailored to meet clients’ needs, including medical monitoring and safety oversight.

With a strong global presence, we provide medical affairs services across a diverse range of therapeutic areas. All members of our team have scientific backgrounds, global experience and are fully up to date with international standards and guidelines.

Our team of physicians and clinical research professionals can support in the planning, conducting and evaluation of clinical trials, as well as helping with protocol design by advising on study endpoints, eligibility criteria, study assessments and writing protocol synopses.

With a hands-on, flexible and customer-centric approach to medical affairs, our team minimizes protocol deviations and ensures the highest possible data quality. Our team also provides excellent clinical oversight, which is paramount for a successful, timely and cost-efficient drug development process.

Ergomed’s global medical affairs team works hard and collaboratively to bring the many elements of a clinical trial together to deliver success.