Our medical monitors have a vast array of therapeutic indication knowledge and are strategically located throughout the world to provide complete medical monitoring coverage.


Investigators and KOL’s are the first ambassadors for your new medicine so it is vital to build and maintain strong relationships with them.

As the lead medical resource, our medical monitoring teams support investigators and the broader project team and with their extensive experience in clinical practice and clinical research.

They provide highly specialized consultancy on the preparation and conduct of clinical trials, acting as a bridge to overcome any cultural or language barriers, ensuring the solutions they deliver benefit site performance, patient enrolment and protocol adherence.

Our medical monitoring teams offer oversight, strategic consulting and safety support services including:

  • Medical review and input into key study documents (protocols, case report forms, data analyses, etc.)
  • Acting as the liaison point for investigators to handle queries related to patient eligibility, patient safety, protocol deviations and waivers
  • Assessment of patient’s eligibility and ongoing protocol/management issues
  • Patient safety monitoring and review of all serious adverse events (SAEs)
  • Signal detection
  • Contributing to the safety committees.