Ergomed offers a complete solution for oncology trials of all sizes and complexity.


Oncology trials are becoming increasingly complex. A focus on unique patient subpopulations, adaptive and umbrella trial designs, novel complex treatments involving oncolytic viruses, cellular therapy and personalized treatments; all are becoming standard in oncology research.

Such complexity requires a CRO with a robust background in oncology, expertise in the regulatory environment and the ability to deliver the support that clinical sites and investigators need to recruit patients and ensure their safety.

Around 40% of Ergomed’s clinical trials portfolio is in hematology and oncology, with a significant concentration in early-phase trials. Each member of our seasoned project management team has more than 15 years of clinical trials experience, helping them to navigate increasingly complex trials, including umbrella/basket or adaptive trials.

Successful studies require the entire team to work together seamlessly – sponsor, CRO and sites – to rapidly collect and analyze data, ensuring accurate reporting of dose-limiting toxicities and the ability to make quick dose-escalation decisions with patient safety in mind.

The cornerstone of Ergomed’s success in delivering complex oncology trials is setting up and managing sites, and our site management model offers broad support to recruitment, logistics and medical initiatives, all customized to a site’s needs. Our site managers’ support reduces complexities and logistical hurdles and work with our oncology clinical monitors to ensure patient safety and quality at the sites.

Study physician support is also instrumental to delivering complex oncology trials, and our study physician support services provide medic-to-medic support when needed to ensure success. In addition, our regulatory affairs team is critical for our sponsors to navigate the ever-changing regulatory environment in oncology.

Ergomed’s proven record of delivery, expertise and true partnership means our sponsors can trust us to deliver their oncology trials whatever their size or complexity.


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