Rare Disease Innovation Center™ to provide strategic guidance and tailored innovative solutions to sponsors focused on rare disease drug development.

Rare diseases impact around 300 million people worldwide. For each disease, clinical trial sponsors face major challenges due to the rarity of patients, coupled with issues such as a limited pool of experienced investigators, heterogeneity of indications, lack of established endpoints, and poorly understood natural history.

The Rare Disease Innovation Center™ is a consortium of innovative industry-leading partners and internal subject matter experts dedicated to developing tailored and innovative solutions for rare disease-focused companies and patients.

ERGOMED’s Rare Disease Innovation Center™ will provide best-in-class global solutions to address the challenges faced by rare disease sponsors to help them reduce clinical trial timelines, optimize patient experience, and bring effective rare disease therapies to market more quickly.  The Rare Disease Innovation Center™ will also utilize ERGOMED’s Site Advantage™ operating model, specifically designed to provide specialized support to research sites and patients participating in rare disease clinical research.

The ERGOMED Rare Disease Innovation Center™ will help biotechnology and pharma sponsors focused on rare diseases:

  • Strategically guide and plan their rare disease drug development program to avoid pitfalls and leverage innovative approaches
  • Design more intelligent clinical trials by optimizing their protocol, trial design, assessing study feasibility, and performance analytics to predict key milestones and scenario analyses
  • Adopt the right innovations such as decentralization and other technologies to identify and retain rare disease patients
  • Leverage its Ergomed Patient First™ approach to reduce patient burden in clinical trial participation and ensure that the voice of the patient is captured and incorporated throughout the clinical development lifecycle
  • Utilize Real World Evidence for synthetic control arms, patient selection, biomarkers, endpoint selection, patient registries, and other areas

The Rare Disease Innovation Center™ includes several key innovative partners such as Trial Bee, mdgroup, THREAD™, Clinone, Medidata, a Dassault Systèmes company, Rare Patient Voice, Patient Wing, and others.

Rare disease is a strategic focus for ERGOMED, and we are glad to support our customers through the Rare Disease Innovation Center™” said Gordana Tonkovic, MD President, ERGOMED

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