Ergomed CARE™ is our proprietary approach to seamless clinical trials through improved patient enrolment, satisfaction, and retention.

Since day one, our focus has always been on the overall patient experience when participating in clinical trials.

Ergomed was founded by experienced investigators and physicians, whose ultimate goal was to improve clinical trial efficiency. This meant changing the way clinical trials were run so that sites could cope better with the demands and workload.

According to Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development, almost 40% of sites miss enrolment targets, while 11% of sites do not recruit a single patient. These are difficult statistics to accept when you need your trial finished on time and within budget.

We have made trials seamless through improved patient enrolment, satisfaction, and retention. The Ergomed CARE™ approach does this by anticipating issues and resolving them quickly, to ensure the study progresses smoothly and predictably.

What’s more, we always look at the level of support required at each site, ensuring no site becomes overwhelmed by the workload; a factor the classical clinical research model does not always consider.

Why Ergomed CARE™

Ergomed has always been at the forefront of innovation. We’ve built robust systems that cohesively support and engage all stakeholders, patients, clinical investigators, and sponsors, bringing faster study start and enrolment, and improved patient retention and investigator engagement.

Patient engagement is key to the success of any clinical study. We actively work closely with patient organizations to communicate information about clinical trials among patients and support them on the journey, as well as supporting our clients to better understand patients’ needs.

Patient support services

Each study is different and so too is each patient. So, we offer a full ecosystem of Patient Support Services for patients and their families during clinical studies. Our family-centric approach allows our team of experienced specialists – including our international award-winning Patient Engagement Officer – to tailor their strategies to each patient.

Support includes arranging homecare, transportation (international or local), reimbursement services, and even cross-border referrals to make new treatments available to patients – even when a study is not being performed in their country.

We take care of everything – the patient, their family, and caregivers, as well as any other key stakeholders – to minimize the burden of participating in a clinical trial and improving the experience for all involved. The full-service support offered also enhances patient recruitment and retention and allows trials to be completed faster and more cost-efficiently.

In parallel with our family-centric patient engagement, we also offer support to investigational teams at site locations. As investigators themselves, our founders know the importance of support in study setup, preparation of documentation, and in ensuring all equipment is available/calibrated and the site team stays trained and supported during the study.

Site management

Our dedicated Site Management team works closely with investigators, study coordinators, nurses, and other site personnel on a daily basis. They support the site team to launch the study, helping to get everything ready for patients including all procedures and tests, then they engage the team throughout the study. Our site managers are always available to provide advice and support – we never leave our sites unattended.

This high level of site management support results in higher levels of patient compliance, cleaner and better-quality data, faster enrolment, and higher patient retention. It also improves the patient experience and ensures the approach at the study site is cohesive.

Study physicians support

Understanding investigators’ and clients’ medical monitoring needs is also a fundamental part of a clinical trial’s success. Our Study Physician Support team goes well beyond the standard in medical monitoring, providing direct support to investigators and patients when required.

We help investigators build their recruitment plans, advise on patient eligibility, address any medical or safety questions and concerns, share experiences from other sites and discuss protocol deviations to help prevent reoccurrence. Study physicians represent the sponsor and, in return, offer an investigator’s perspective back to our sponsors.

By building strong, lasting relationships with investigators, we can ensure their ongoing motivation to recruit the right participants and stay fully engaged throughout the trial.