Even the best protocols will fail without selecting the best sites.


Ergomed’s site and country selection process is central to our commitment to deliver high-quality results from our clinical trials.

However, this process can only begin once a robust country-level feasibility assessment has been conducted and the ideal site profile determined. This site selection assessment is a collaborative effort between our feasibility, medical, regulatory and operational experts.

Our data-driven approach to site selection means we tailor our feasibility questionnaire to drill down to the smallest detail, any of which can have a large impact on the success of your project.

We perform a thorough assessment of investigator expertise, geography, competing studies and patient volume to aid decision making, and leverage leading clinical trial intelligence tools that extract information from 45,000+ sources.

We evaluate key protocol-related factors – such as access to potential patient populations, investigator experience/competence, capabilities and capacity – then overlay country-level standard of care and the regulatory nuances to provide a comprehensive report and recommendations.

Our site selection teams will facilitate:

  • Confidential disclosure agreements (CDAs)
  • Feasibility questionnaire development, distribution and assessment of results
  • FDA/regulatory debarment checks
  • Pre-study site selection visits and reports.