Assessing feasibility is integral to Ergomed’s site start-up approach.


Our highly skilled people, specialized technologies and disciplined procedures come into effect from the initial, pre-award stage of the clinical trial process. During the early stages, our multi-functional team develops the strategy to enable the successful final execution of a study, including a thorough analysis of the study protocol and other available documents.

Our site feasibility team specializes in the conduct of robust operational and scientific feasibility assessments to identify enrollment opportunities and avoiding potential obstacles.

The key to our site feasibility process is understanding the available data, selecting the right data for the purpose, analyzing that data and then applying the data analysis to make the most informed decisions possible.

Our site feasibility approach harnesses health informatics, innovative technology and industry-leading therapeutic area expertise to deliver greater predictability in study conduct, as well as to refine the strategy along the way and link key decisions regarding countries and sites to objective data analysis.