Ergomed’s Patient Organization Representative Board is a central part of our commitment to being a patient-centric organization.


There is a growing recognition within the biopharmaceutical industry and regulatory agencies that patients need a significant voice in the development of new medicines. Rare disease patients, especially, are often experts in their own conditions, while patient groups can be a driving force in pharmaceutical R&D.

What’s more, engaging patients is increasingly seen as a promising way to generating trusted and meaningful information that is also useful to clinicians and patients and their families.

Our advisory board consists of experts that represent patient organizations from a wide range of therapeutic areas, and is composed so that members complement one another in terms of expertise and experience.

The input we receive from our board strengthens Ergomed’s commitment to be patient-centric and supports our commitment to educate patients and patients groups. We organize webinars that inform patients and patient communities about clinical development, with topics such as the drug development process, phases in a clinical trial, informed consent and compassionate use.

We believe the valuable knowledge from patient organizations will play a vital role in delivering our goal of assisting our clients to deliver new therapies.