Chairman’s statement

Ergomed has a key role to play in improving patient health and wellbeing through supporting the safe development and monitoring of medicines.

We have planned, managed, monitored, and reported over 600 Phase I-IV clinical trials. As part of the accurate and timely monitoring of drug safety, Ergomed globally processed over 275,000 patient cases per annum.

We also have a key role to play in having a positive impact on society. Our CSR policies have been developed in line with our company values and are integral to our strategy.

These CSR policies cover several broad topics:

Our customers and stakeholders: We aim to build professional, responsible, and cordial relationships with all our stakeholders. Our CSR policy describes how we make proposals and charge for our services in a fair, ethical, and transparent way, and how we show due accountability for our actions. Our behavior is strongly focused on the needs of our customers and we deal fairly with our suppliers and competitors.

Communications: We encourage effective, professional, open, and honest communication. Our CSR policies emphasize the importance of good internal and external communication at all levels and the mechanisms for achieving this.

The workplace: We provide a well-maintained and comfortable working environment, both the physical environment in our offices and the social environment, which is supportive and collegial so that each employee feels respected and able to give their best.

Employee relations: Our employees are vital to our success. Recruitment is based on merit and suitability and every employee is treated with openness, honesty, and respect in a dynamic environment that fosters development, excellence, and a sense of personal value. We value diversity and all employees are treated equally within the company regardless of religious belief, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation. Our policies emphasize the importance of professional development, of recognizing and rewarding talent, and of promoting health, wellbeing, and safety for employees.

Community: We have a responsibility to our local communities and the wider pharmacovigilance and medical information professional community. We aim to inspire talent through graduate placements with local universities. We support local initiatives that improve and protect the natural environment and other relevant local charities and social initiatives. We share our experience and expertise by presenting and teaching at pharmacovigilance conferences and symposia, engaging with relevant professional societies other forums, and contributing to research and educational programs.

The environment: We endeavor to minimize any negative effect on our environment. Our policy aims to prevent waste, reduce consumption and avoid unnecessary harm. We promote awareness of our effects on the environment within the company and among our stakeholders and the wider community and adopt simple, environmentally friendly initiatives.