Dave applies his vision for partnering with biotech & pharma sponsors to deliver best in class strategic solutions in Ergomed’s specialties of oncology, as well as rare/complex disease.

He is a seasoned business executive with a 32-year tenure in the biotech/pharma/medical device research industry. Dave joined Ergomed in Q2 2023 as Executive Vice President of Global Operations. His background is in cross-functional operations, as well as business development and alliance management, made an immediate and strongly positive impact on Ergomed’s entire portfolio of clinical research.

One of Dave’s core strengths is executive leadership having successfully mentored small/local teams, as well as multi-continental workforces comprised of many thousands of individuals. His expertise spans the gamut of therapeutic areas and phases of clinical trials, reaches back into pre-clinical research, as well as forward into post-marketing/market access, encompasses central & esoteric lab analyses, and extends adjacently into technology as well.

Dave has a passion for leveraging global expertise and an international operational footprint, so as to maximize the near and long-term benefit for all stakeholders. Having worked directly for sponsors as well as CROs, he is recognized for his skill in optimizing sponsor-CRO interactions, plus implementing industry best practices for continuous quality improvement.